Call me Mbini. Yes, that’s Xhosa for the number 2.

Most know me as a long term economist slash international trade negotiator and real estate investor.

A very few know me as a serial entrepreneur who:

  • sold candies in primary school;
  • paid her way through university selling cute dorm decor stuff that she made herself;
  • rode the MLM bandwagon after graduating to supplement her low paying job at the time;
  • tried property investing in her twenties and was hooked, FOREVER;
  • built wealth and educated anyone who cared to listen to do the same, mostly for FREE.

I am a designer of note. Follow me on Instagram @mbinikutta.

Being a dollar millionaire does not mean I should be busy, because working smart is much more attractive in a woman.

Everything I am is because of the partnership I have with my very supportive husband Mish, my geek of a son and precious daughter.

Blessed Beyond Measure.

I am a compassionate wealth coach and trainer who believes in humble beginnings. Been there, done that.

Mbini Kutta