Wealth Classes

Class Description

The first class gives practical ways on how to get out of debt for good. The emphasis is on changing your habits. It is about being smart and intentional. You too can start living and owning your life. Let us show you how to be debt-free.

“Debt is the worst poverty” -Thomas Fuller

"A man in debt is so far a slave." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Class Description

You can only grow what you have. Your earnings are your power to early financial freedom. The emphasis is on budgeting and extra income being your tools for claiming your independence. Get better at what you do, earn better, get extra income. Let us plan together.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

Class Description

Your emergency fund is about six months of expenses which should be set aside in an interest bearing account. And off course you have done the first course on getting rid of debt and the second course on earning more. You have the cash to pay for day – to- day life activities. You are setting targets to spend less and look forward to the next course to build wealth.

“If we never save money or invest, we will always be poor, no matter how much we earn” – Anonymous

Class Description

I don’t see a reason why not. Financial independence buys one unlimited options.

The last part of our education program. It’s almost impossible to build wealth without paying off your debt, which is the very first course.

The earlier you start building wealth the quicker it is. However, if you really want to accumulate wealth, it’s never too late. Let us look at various options in this class.

“If we never save money or invest, we will always be poor, no matter how much we earn” – Anonymous

Junior Wealth Class

Here is the most important principle about finances… The earlier one starts, the better. Mbini’s youngest ever client was 7 (seven) years old. She retained that particular client, who is currently a teenager manoeuvring his way to financial freedom. He inspired the wealth coach to start Wealth Class Junior for teenagers and pre-teens aged 12 – 19.

The junior classes are held DURING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS as teen camps for 2 to 5 days. The teen camps help set one’s kids relationship with money for the rest of their lives. Teenagers are taught in a fun and educational environment to :

  • set GOALS,
  • EARN money,
  • Spend Wisely,
  • SAVE money,
  • GIVE,
  • and avoid bad debt,
for more info email: mbini@wealthclub.co.za