As a speaker, Mbini draws from her own life lessons and shares from her heart to inspire the young professionals, those who are starting up and the middle class. Her mantra “we are not defined by our history but by our choices and actions" is what has inspired many to take lessons from their own past.

In the years that she has been a speaker and coach, Mbini has delivered personal finance and wealth building messages to groups of professionals, women and couples. Her own experience of starting from absolutely nothing, taking care of seven siblings and parents, to building her own wealth is a journey that is a pleasure to listen to.

Mbini is available for speaking engagements for motivational speaking, events, seminars, corporates, public seminars and training. To BOOK Mbini for your next event, contact

I am a compassionate wealth coach and trainer who believes in humble beginnings. Been there, done that.

Mbini Kutta